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Happy Autumn, everyone!  We have different seasons in Florida than the rest of the country.  In Florida, our seasons go like this:  Cool, Hot, Hotter, and Muggy Hot.  Autumn would be a mix of Muggy Hot with a few cool days mixed in now and then.  I do love living in Florida and would not trade in our seasons for Warm, Hot, Cold and Freezing.  Florida has been in my blood for too long and I have learned to embrace it.  Where else can it be a cool 32-degrees outside with clear, blue, sunny skies?

As many of you already know, cold/flu season is here or coming, depending on which news channel you listen.  I encourage all of my clients to schedule a “Fall Tune-Up” to help prepare and strengthen their immune system for the flu season.  It is also a great time to stock up on herbal remedies and essential oils to use upon the first signs of a cold/flu or help ward off viruses.  Wherever you live and the seasons you enjoy, it is a good thing to schedule “Seasonal Tune-Ups” with your local acupuncturist.

As Acupuncturists, we focus on the changes in the air, environment and how they affect our bodies.  This allows us to strengthen the channels that will be affected during the season, as well as supplying you with herbal medications and essential oils that address the common ailments of the season and continue to build your immune system, helping you fight off infections.

If you live around the Jacksonville area, for a limited time, I am offering New and Existing clients a discount on the “Fall Tune-Up.”  Visit my website, www.AWayOfLifeAcupuncture.com, for details.  Forward this information to your friends and family so they too, can start experiencing the benefits of acupuncture.  Schedule your appointment now, to begin strengthening and preparing your body for the cold/flu season.


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