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freedomA client came in with the complaint that she can not stop holding her breath.  She knows she is doing it, but no matter what she does to stop, she still continues to hold her breath throughout the day.  She also suffers from anxiety, since surviving stage 1 breast cancer.  She does wonderful when the needles are in, but soon after she leaves, she goes back to holding her breath.

I copied some information from a book by Louise Hay “Heal Your Body.”  The basis behind the book is that emotions we are feeling come out in physical ailments of the body.  Sounds crazy, right?  I was skeptical at first when coming across the book.  I looked up ailments that were occurring to myself, most of them randomly, just to see what she has written on it.  Talk about opening my eyes!  I tried to discard what it said and thought I would be wise and look up things that bothered me growing up.  Again, I was shocked.  The best part of the book is Louise gives you positive affirmations to help you through the emotional blockages.

After giving my client the information, I told her she could read it when she was ready.  The emotions we all like to stuff down need to come out, so the body finds ways to rid itself of them.  Some people are ready to face the  emotions, as others are not, even though the body is trying to get you ready to face them.  Take the time to look up your ailments in the book.  Then find time to release them rather than keep storing them in the body.  Repeat the affirmations over and over until you can feel the emotional release.  Your body will thank you for it and you will feel an amazing sense of freedom.

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memorial day

It’s still raining here in NE Florida with 40% chance of rain all holiday weekend long, ruining my idea of a barbeque at the beach.    I have to keep reminding myself that I do live in the Sunshine State,even though it has been days since I have actually seen the sun.  I do run outside whenever I see a small break in the clouds and the sun peaking through, but my clients always look puzzled when I return to the treatment room.  Must get Vitamin D whenever I can.  (I don’t really walk out of the treatment room when I am needling, I keep the blinds closed to keep me from doing that.)

It has been another busy week in the acupuncture world.  Besides being booked all week with clients , I attended a Health Fair to talk to people about acupuncture, saw Cirque de Soleil, dinner with an old friend, and hook-up internet in my office to put an end to me stealing access from my business neighbors.  (They have Unsecured Wi-Fi, so technically it is not stealing.)

Nothing out of the ordinary in the office, pretty standard complaints due to the stress of our society.  With all the rain this week, it brought out the arthritis clients from hiding.  I was also able to give a treatment to a friend I have known since 7th grade and watch as she experienced the amazing results of acupuncture.  She could feel the muscles in her body relax with the insertion of the needles.  Another glorious week helping others receive the benefits of acupuncture.

Time to get my client up before I close the office for the long weekend.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.  Don’t forget the reason for the day off, though.

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Another rainy day in Northeast Florida, I think we are going 3 straight days without the sun  but with monsoon type weather. I am beginning to notice a pattern in the weather.  When I need to go out in it, the worst bands of rain occur.  Once I am in my destination, the rain lightens to a mist until I am ready to leave, where the monsoon begins again.  I have found more puddles to jump into, except I am not having as much fun as Gene Kelly did in “Singing in the Rain.”  I have started packing a towel to dry off my feet, and extra flipflops to swap out shoes.  Nothing worse than walking around in wet, cold shoes.

For a Floridian, not seeing the sun for a few days causes serious withdrawls.  Just today, I noticed I was ready to go off on some lady that was trying to help resolve a room reservation mix-up.    She did nothing wrong, but the lack of sunshine has made me grumpy.  I have resorted to giving myself an acupuncture treatment to help lift my mood, since the sun is slacking on its job.  A few needles, some time to relax, and I am ready to start singing and dancing in the rain like Gene.  Somehow, I do not look as graceful as he did, but it sure beats yelling at some poor lady who was only trying to be nice.

Stay dry and when the weather gets you down or irritated, call you local acupuncturist to help keep it in control.

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03-ps15-4happiness-posters1A client came in last week in complete darkness.  When I say darkness, I mean the darkness of depression.  You can see it all over their face and feel it when they enter the room.  She has been trying to come off her anti-depressants slowly and the day I saw her was just a bad day.  Luckily for her, it happened on a day she had an acupuncture treatment.

After letting her talk for alittle bit to explain what she is feeling and let her cry to release what she couldn’t express, I was able to focus on her treatment to correct the imbalance.  I included two very important points to help lift her mood and energy.  They are Du20 (center and top of the head) and Yintang (between eyes, also known as 3rd eye).   After putting in the other needed points pertaining to her imbalance, I let her rest with the needles, checking on her incase she needed to talk/cry alittle more.  When her resting time was up, she was a completely different person.  The darkness surrounding her was gone and you could feel the shift in her energy to a more positive feeling.  She was amazed at how much better she felt after the treatment.

A week later, she was happy to come back for another treatment and tell me that she has not felt depressed since the treatment.  Her mood is much better and she does not feel the darkness looming.  She has lowered her anti-depressant dosage to only 30mg and feels better than she has in a long time.  Next week she is off the meds completely, but after seeing how well she is doing between acupuncture and herbal medication, I do not think she has anything to worry about.

Another wonderful day in the world of acupuncture!

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May is Melanoma Awareness month.  As a Floridian, I am all too familiar with melanoma and I try to educate my clients on the importance of using sunscreen.  Most people know to apply sunscreen before going to the pool or beach.  Unfortunately, a lot of people do not apply sunscreen daily as they go about their normal routines.  Many think since they will not be sitting and baking in the sun, they do not need protection.  This is incorrect, as many people get melanomas on their left arm, the arm commonly exposed to sunlight while driving a car.  The glass in your car does not filter out the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun.  While you are running errands, if the sun is shining on your skin, you need to apply sunscreen.

I recall years of going to the beach and using baby oil as my sunscreen.  Stupid, yes, and now I have wrinkles and dark spots to remind me of the price I have paid for a tan.  A few months ago, a friend showed me the sun damage on my face by using a special light.  Needless to say, I wanted to cry seeing all the dark spots and knowing this was damage due to not protecting my skin.  When you are young, you do not think about the consequences of your actions.  I was introduced to a product that can reverse the sun damage to my face.   I was encouraged when I found Reverse by Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, as they offer a 60-day money back guarantee that you will be satisfied with the product.  If there is a money back guarantee to correct sun damage, how can you go wrong just trying it?  If the name rings a bell, Rodan + Fields are the creators of Proactiv.  Since their success, they have created 4 skincare regimes that focus on helping sun damage, acne, aging and irritation.

I have been using the Reverse regime for about 2 months and absolutely love it.  I view my skin under the same light that showed me the sun damage, and I am watching the dark spots fade away.  Aside from helping me to reverse sun damage, the line comes with a sunscreen to help encourage the usage.  During my normal morning routine, after applying sunscreen to my face, I apply it to the rest of my body, or if I am only driving to work, I apply to my arms so they are protected as I drive.

I encourage you to take a simple, daily step to fight skin cancer and apply a good sunscreen daily to your face and body.  If you are sweating excessively, do not forget to re-apply throughout the day.  Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and protect your skin from cancer by using a good sunscreen.  Do this daily, and you will look wonderful as they years go by.

For more information on the Reverse skincare line or the other regimes by Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, please visit http://christineyaz.myrandf.com.

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I honestly do not have a clue what day it is except “Lie to Me” is on tv, so I know it is Wednesday.  While watching one of my few favorite shows, I realized I have not updated my blog.  How do people do daily blogs? Do they work?  Or have a life?  Personally, I don’t think I have that much of interest to share with the world on a daily basis.  Yes, I love to share how acupuncture can help many conditions, but after awhile, that would get boring, your eyes would roll as you read and you would go on to the next interesting blog before completing mine.  *sigh*

While I am trying to decide what to type, in the faint background, over the tv, I hear some man singing so bad, it makes me want to mute the tv to listen. (Ok, I admit that I did) I guess he is trying his new American Idol Kareoke but I can not figure out what song it is, and I am really good at knowing music.  Do you remember that game “Name that Tune?”  I kicked butt!  During high school, I had a job at a record store called Disc Jockey Music (CD store for those that have no clue what a record is..why do I keep dating myself.)  I loved it when customers would come in and say “There’s this song, I don’t know what it is called or who it is by, but I want it.”  I would settle in and ask them to sing it for me.  Most of the time, I would know the song after the first two words, but I would let them continue to sing for the entire song.  “Louder please, and include instruments sounds so I can hear the beat of the song…I almost had it, keep going.”   Some might think that is mean, but those of us that worked there found it as a highlight to our job.

With that long explanation to prove I am great with guessing songs, I still have no idea what this man across the way is singing.  Maybe he was at the TPC all day, drinking in the sun while watching professional golfers practice for the big weekend.  Or, he is horrible at understanding words of a song and makes them up as he goes along.  “99 dead baboons, sitting in my living room”  song is 99 Red Balloons by Nena.   Either way, it is entertaining me and gave me something to blog about.   Back to “Lie to Me”….

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Crazy Week


This has been one crazy week! The office has been buzzing, but so has the surrounding areas. The TPC (The Players Championship, for those not into golf) is coming to Ponte Vedra next week, so final preparations are being done all over the place. Landscaping is being primed, signs going up to direct people where to park, and residents are getting things ready so they can avoid the chaos during the week. Personally, I am bracing for the crazy traffic around my office. I am also trying to figure out when I can get out to enjoy a little of the TPC. I am lucky as there is a shuttle that will drop me off at the clubhouse from my office…spoiled, yes.

Living in Jacksonville most of my life, I think back to the early days of the TPC. I recall the days where you could actually find a spot on the 17th green to watch the players attempt to avoid the surrounding water. It was quiet and relaxing and always a beautiful day to just relax, even if you were not into golf. Now, it has turned into a social gathering. Even with all the social events going on, there is something very peaceful about golf. Personally, I do not play as it seems I inherited my father’s frustration while playing. (Note: we have replaced numerous clubs for him over the years as they ‘somehow’ get wrapped around trees or up in them)

Aside from the gorgeous surroundings, the sounds of nature as you play, and bonding with your friends, there is an amazing skill to play the sport. It always amazes me to watch the players drive the ball while making it look natural and easy. I try to repeat what they do, and somehow my club gets stuck in the ground under the ball causing me to give myself an acupuncture to repair the sore arm. Or watch as they sink the putt from a ridiculous distance, all with a smile and grace. I recall getting kicked out of Putt-Putt and asked not to return because my simple putt attempt through the clown’s mouth somehow caught air and launched out of the park. I can catch air trying to putt, but cannot do that when trying to drive…go figure. I have accepted that I am not a female Tiger Woods and find it more relaxing to watch the professionals make the sport look so easy.

I do look forward to stealing a little time for myself next week, squeeze in between people at the 17th hole, enjoy the beautiful Florida weather, quiet time for myself, and watch the players show frustration as the 17th island green swallows up their ball. I will let the professionals do their job but I do offer acupuncture to them if they need a little pain relief or help getting re-focused during the tournament. And I promise, I will make acupuncture look simple, easy and graceful. I leave you with golf, leave the needles to me.

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